Cohen Wilchek is active in a wide range of legal fields encompassing most areas of civil law. The common thread among all of these is litigation, which constitutes a central pillar of the firm’s legal activities. Court appearances and hearings across all civil and administrative courts serve as the “bread and butter” of the firm, which has distinguished itself in terms of both legal capabilities and proven successes.

The Litigation Department is headed by Avner Cohen, the firm’s founder and a litigator for more than 30 years. Commercial litigation and class actions are led by Hagai Ashlagi, with Ori Reichkind serving as a litigation partner with a special interest in litigation involving government authorities.

For any civil or commercial dispute that comes to the firm, the Litigation Department is able to assemble a team of attorneys, headed by one of the partners, who share the in-depth legal knowledge required for the matter at hand. The firm’s structure and diverse activities enable a suitable team to be formed for each individual case, with a pyramid-style case management structure that permits meticulous attention to detail alongside that creativity and initiative that empower the firm’s success even in the most complex cases.

The firm’s partners and other lawyers also specialize in arbitration and mediation outside of a court setting, as well as legal hearings in the courts. Thanks to the efforts of these lawyers, Cohen Wilchek has garnered an exceptional reputation in the field, attracting many clients, both individuals and companies, as well as legal professionals who require representation for themselves or for their own clients.