In order to provide continual support for diverse companies, Cohen Wilchek handles all areas of commercial law under the leadership of senior partner Avner Cohen, including contracts, tenders, consulting for corporate officers and organs such as management and the board, stakeholder transactions, meetings and reports as required by the authorities or the regulator, and ongoing advice regarding labor relations and labor law – everything as necessitated by the circumstances of the case. The firm also has extensive experience in establishing companies and assisting entities involved in investments. As certain day-to-day activities are conducted with parties overseas, Cohen Wilchek is fully prepared to handle international cases in the English language.

The clients that benefit from the firm’s ongoing guidance include banks, municipal corporations, statutory corporations, research institutes, voluntary corporations, community centers, and non-profits.

Legal representation in all relevant proceedings is provided as an integral part of Cohen Wilchek’s relationship with its regular clients. This close relationship is doubly beneficial. On the one hand, there is no need to invest substantial sums in calling in an external legal advisor who will need to learn about the topic from scratch. On the other, the corporation has at its disposal a readily available legal expert who understands the corporation and the background of the lawsuit, and can therefore navigate every aspect, from the earliest stages of the conflict development.

In this area, the firm draws on the many years of experience garnered by Avner Cohen, who has served as legal counsel to corporations in various sectors, and has also been a senior executive and board member. This has enabled Adv. Cohen to develop in-depth knowledge regarding commercial activity and the corporate landscape in Israel, as well as the many changes that have taken place within it over the years.

Moreover, Cohen Wilchek is highly experienced in all aspects of civil-commercial law, which permits the firm to deliver ongoing legal assistance to commercial companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. These clients benefit greatly from the partners’ strategic-business knowledge and first-rate management capabilities.