Cohen Wilchek’s Administrative Law & Tenders Department is considered one of the leading, largest departments specializing in these areas. The Department handles a wide range of legal matters at the administrative level, representing authorities as well as private clients, companies, and associations in all aspects of public and administrative law, with particular expertise in tender law.

In 2021, Hadas Brave joined the management of the Administrative Law & Tenders Department. Adv. Brave is considered one of the most prominent attorneys in the field of public and administrative law, and has extensive experience regarding administrative petitions, petitions to the High Court of Justice, statutory committees, and proceedings concerning state and local authorities.

The Department’s permanent in-house team of experienced attorneys handles administrative law at all levels, including many specialist areas, such as:

Regulation – The Department represents companies and business owners in all matters concerning compliance with relevant regulatory conditions, as well as opposing regulation if necessary. This legal representation includes participating in Knesset committee meetings on various issues, drafting bills and position papers, representing clients in discussions within government ministries and decision-making bodies, and representing a range of companies, associations, and private clients in various license applications.

Education & Higher Education Law – The Department has a unique practice focused on education law and draws on the unique experience of Adv. Brave, who has represented clients in hundreds of proceedings before the Ministry of Education as well as the education departments of local authorities.

Non-Profit Law – Adv. Brave serves as the permanent legal counsel for several large charitable organizations supported by the state budget, and also provides private legal advisory services to non-profits at all stages, from establishment, through ongoing activities, to liquidation proceedings.

Representation Before the Population & Immigration Authority – The Department handles matters related to immigration to Israel and legal status in Israel, including applications for the naturalization of the spouses of Israeli citizens (tiered procedure) and applications for residence permits on humanitarian grounds, as well as matters concerning the employment of foreign workers.

Representation Before the Ministry of Health – The Department is involved with various procedures regarding units within the Ministry of Health, including the Medical Professions Licensing Division, Medical Device Division, Nursing Administration, Medical Professions Ombudsman, Medical Institute for Road Safety, rehabilitation committees, classification committees, and so forth.

Public Sector Labor Law – The firm’s Administrative Law & Tenders Department coordinates matters related to labor law in the public sector – a unique, developing field that requires specific knowledge of legislation and case law concerning public service employees and Israeli security service personnel, in addition to in-depth administrative expertise. Above all, the Department’s staff recognizes the specific rights and responsibilities of civil servants, local government employees, career military personnel, police officers, and corrections officers. Cohen Wilchek’s attorneys appear in various courts relevant to these sectors, including the Labor Courts, administrative petitions, petitions to the High Court of Justice, and disciplinary proceedings.

The Department also has special expertise in tender law – Cohen Wilchek represents diverse associations, companies, and private parties in tender processes, from supporting the preparation and submission of bids to disputing the results of the tender, if needed. The firm also advises authorities and dual entities on tenders, invitations to bid, and calls for proposals. In each case, Cohen Wilchek’s attorneys study the relevant professional and commercial considerations and collaborate with a team of economists, engineers, project managers, and other consultants on all areas, from formulating principles and outlining the contract to conducting the actual tenders. Once the winner is selected, the firm is prepared to deal with all contracts involved in tenders – agreements and contracts with contractors and suppliers, as well as expert opinions throughout their implementation. The firm’s employees are members of tender committees, or serve as consultants to them. Furthermore, the firm advises tender writers and committees in administrative litigation, and also represents them in legal proceedings that may result from the tender proceedings or the selection of a winner.