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The real estate department at Cohen, Wilchek & Co. successfully manages large real estate transactions for commercial companies, municipal authorities and buyer groups. The department has the resources and expertise to handle substantial deals such as shopping malls, gas stations, residential projects with hundreds of units, combination transactions, evacuation building, and :TAMA 38″ deals, in addition to handling and counsel to acquisition groups of all sizes. Real estate law requires high expertise and specialist knowledge of countless details, as well as the capacity to perform large-scale work in complicated projects. The firm provides comprehensive services for commercial and residential real estate, handling parcelization, managing a housing company, taxation, expropriations and more. Commercial companies, municipal authorities, acquisition groups, constructors, developers and property owners are among the firm’s clients.
The firm also serves as the real estate legal advisor to “Hever – the IDF personnel and pensioner’s organization” and “Hever Consumer club”, providing counsel on identifying and marketing projects for hundreds of residential units to IDF permanent personnel and veterans.

Cohen, Wilchek & Co. has a wide network of connections in real estate which assists the firm’s clients in identifying profitable opportunities.
The real estate department is headed by Adv.Yosi Riesenberg – a specialist in large-scale real estate transactions. Adv. Riesenberg has valuable business experience, which contributes to the profitability and success of the projects handled by the firm. He has accumulated extensive knowledge in complex real estate transactions, large-scale development transactions, handling real estate taxation, serving acquisition group and construction companies.
The firm has the capacity to handle complicated real estate issues, which require specialist knowledge. Cohen, Wilchek & Co. adopts an interdisciplinary approach, combining the relative strengths of its advocates from each branch to optimize the handling of each individual case.

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Real Estate
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