Commercial-Civil Law

In addition to its specialist knowledge in specific legal areas, Cohen, Wilchek & Co. has acquired a broad base of knowledge in civil-commercial law, which enables it to provide ongoing legal counsel to commercial companies, corporations and non-profit organizations. These clients benefit from the strategic business outlook of the firm’s partners and first-class management skills.
As part of the ongoing counsel service, the firm handles commercial law work including contracts, tenders, advising to corporate officers and organs such as senior management and the board of directors, related party dealings, managing meetings and issuing reports required by various authorities and the government, legal advice on labor relations and labor law, and any other subject as necessary. In addition, the firm has extensive experience in establishing companies and counsel to investment firms. Since the firms is involved in international deals, it has the capacity to handle international cases in English.

Clients who enjoy the firm’s ongoing counsel include banks, municipal companies, statutory corporations, research institutes, voluntary corporations, community centers and non-profit institutes.

Legal representation in relevant courts is provided as an integral part of the service. This offers a two-fold advantage for clients. On the one hand, they save the costs of an external specialist learning the various aspects of the company for the first time. On the other hand, clients benefits from a readily available litigation advice from a specialist who thoroughly understands its dealings and can direct the company from the initial stages of the dispute.

The Team

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Avner Cohen
Senior Partner
Rehabilitation of bankrupt companies / Liquidation of assets and companies / Receivership and Asset Realization / Commercial Law / Complex civil Litigation / Investigation of fraudulent management in corporates
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Elad Afari
Civil-Commercial Law / Bankruptcy Law / Non-Profit Organizations
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Ido Einat
Bankruptcy law / 
Non-Profit Organizations / Municipal law / Parental law

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